Advanced Security

CIS’s server infrastructure was designed and configured based on the highest security standards, with multiple layers of protection, including a protocol obfuscation and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in place. It was engineered and designed based on a cutting-edge encryption protocol (AES 256 military-grade) to ensure data in transit, data at rest, and the real location is encrypted and obfuscated in such manner that forensic scrutiny analysis will not reveal the true IP signature. The servers are managed and maintained on an ongoing basis to ensure the latest security patches are applied and updated in order to mitigate latest vulnerabilities and exploits.

We keep no logs

The platform is designed to erase the logs, avoid data farming, and facilitate data in transit with no extra ports or services running within the servers. Unlike any other VPN providers, CIS’s VPN does not require any prior registration or request of personal information before using our VPN service.

Trusted Vendor

CIS is a recognized, certified, and trusted company within both the Intell community and private sector.


Invisy VPN has a unique engineering concept and design, based on a dynamic infrastructure within the VPN environment.

It is an evolution of what the industry currently has to offer - next generation within the framework. With over 25+ years’ experience in cybersecurity within the Intell community and private sector, CIS managed to create and develop the MacGyver of the VPN world, based on cutting-edge encryption protocol compliant with Suite B, FIPS 140-2 cryptography standards.


App Features

Some outstanding features we have

  • Comprehensive and Convenient

    CIS’s graphics designers and UX engineers managed to create a comprehensive, unique user interface that is easy to navigate and use, because the features are illustrated in a non-technical and simple to understand language.

  • Guarantee Best Server Uptime

    CIS selectively chose trustworthy, well-known providers and datacenters with a reputation of 99% uptime service and impeccable bandwidth throughput.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Channels

    CIS provides the best solutions to ensure that their customers are receiving the unsurpassed technical support through several available channels.

  • Support Retina Graphics

    The Invisy VPN application Graphic User Interface (GUI) was designed with compatibility and convenience in mind; therefore, the application is Retina ready to ensure best quality presentation on all available displays.

  • Invisy VPN IOS platform

    The Invisy VPN application is designed to support iOS version platform for convenience and compatibility.

  • Commitment to Foresee Additional Issues

    CIS’s development team supports the “standby” status concept to provide bug fix updates in less than 24h after a reported incident or new bug is identified.

App Screenshots

About Us

OUR FOUNDER, Alexander Purta is the President and CEO of Cyber Intell Solution, LLC.

Mr. Purta is a former member of the U.S Department of Defense, with over two decades of experience in Computer Network Operations (CNO), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) and cyber operations within the Intelligence Community. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Languages, and a Master of Science Degree in Computer Offensive Security from Eastern Michigan University.

For over twenty years and in over thirty countries, Mr. Purta has succeeded in developing divergent solutions, capable of solving complex problems through an indirect and creative approach utilizing cutting edge cyber technology and encryption protocols.

An experienced veteran and cyber security professional, Mr. Purta decided to use his knowledge and passion to fund Cyber Intell Solution, LLC and offer organizations and individuals a say when it comes to keeping their data and lives private.

Our mission is to provide specialized privacy solutions to organizations and individuals concerned about their privacy.

With over two decades of experience in national and tactical security, innovative technologies, and cyber operations, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and expertise to help you claim back your privacy.




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